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Expect the Unexpected 

Join us at Djinn during every full moon for handcrafted cocktails by legendary mixologist Devon Espinosa, personalized tarot card readings, and Val-Mar Records spinning vinyl. 

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Invigorating Cocktails 

Expect the unexpected during each new full moon with unique, invigorating libations. Experience a Puff, Puff, Pass cockail handcrafted with Eagle Rare bourbon, lemon, blueberry grenadine bitters, Islay scotch and smoked with mesquite for an exhilirating one-of-a-kind experience. Each cocktail is handcrafted by legendary Mixologist Devon Espinosa featuring a unique blend of ingredients. 

See Into Your Future

WIth personalized Tarot card readings and Runes readings, there's no telling what exciting experineces will unfold. Let your crazy out and vibe to Val-Mar Records spinning vinyl, play some classic board games and get lost in the experience. 

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