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Expect the Unexpected

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Celebrate every full moon with signature cocktails by mixological alchemist Devon Espinosa, a Tarot card and/or Runes reader, and vinyl spun by Val-Mar Records at Djinn Library Bar. Although this is a reoccurring event at Hotel Californian, Devon will unveil a new full-moon inspired libation each trip through the lunar cycle.

As always, this is a free event, but please visit Nightout to RSVP and be sure to follow Hotel Californian on Instagram for all of the latest news and highlights.

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Puff, Puff, Pass CocktailMidnight in Morocco and Tarot Card ReadingA Djinn By Any Other Name (The Empress) CocktailDjinn Cocktail Pour and Shaker

Mystic Libations

Expect the unexpected during each new full moon with inventive coktail by legendary mixologist Devon Espinoas. Sip the Puff, Puff, Pass, with Eagle Rare bourbon, lemon, blueberry grenadine bitters, Islay scotch and mesquite smoke, or experience another of our vast array of cocktails, featuring a unique blend of ingredients. 

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Djinn Bar SeatingSlim Aarons Cocktail Table BookDjinn Cocktail Bar Seating

See Into Your Future

WIth personalized Tarot card readings and Runes readings, there's no telling what exciting experineces will unfold. Let your crazy out and vibe to Val-Mar Records spinning vinyl, play some classic board games and get lost in the experience. 

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