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Vegas Golden Knights

Vegas Golden Knights

National Hockey League  |  Las Vegas, Nevada

Founded in 2017 as an expansion team, the Vegas Golden Knights are the first major sports franchise to represent Las Vegas. The team experienced immediate success, qualifying for the Stanley Cup playoffs in their first four seasons, and reaching the Stanley Cup Finals in their first season. Knights are the epitome of the warrior class, and the Golden Knights take up this mantle as champions on the ice and in the community.

For further information or tickets, please call (702) 645-4259.

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Henderson Silver Knights, Pavel Dorofeyev

Henderson Silver Knights

American Hockey League | Henderson, NV

The Henderson Silver Knights began their journey in the 2020-2021 season, and in 2022-2023 will play their first full season in their new home stadium, The Dollar Loan Center. Their primary logo features an armored horse with golden eyes, referencing their connection to the Vegas Golden Knights as their primary affiliate. As the armored War Horse was instrumental in a knight's quest to become elite, so too the Silver Knights assist in every aspect of the Knights quest to become an elite warrior, and their eyes are always focused on advancing to the level of Golden Knights.

For further information please call (702) 645-4259.

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Vegas Knight Hawks

Indoor Football League  |  Henderson, Nevada

With their 2022 inaugural season, the Vegas Knight Hawks bring indoor football to Las Vegas. Along with the Knight and the War Horse, the Knight Hawk completes the formidable trio that embodies the warrior class. Just before it strikes, the Hawk becomes illuminated from behind by the Vegas Star, and when it's prey sees the gold in the Hawk's eyes, it knows it's defeat is imminent. 

For further information or tickets, please call (702) 645-4259.

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AFC Bournemouth

Premier League  |  Bournemouth, UK

AFC Bournemouth was originally formed in 1899, and have been competing under their current name since 1971. Bill Foley and limited partners led by award-winning actor Michael B. Jordan, acquired the club in December 2022. Foley, Jordan, and their partners are committed to providing the investment and recources necessary to build upon AFC Bournemouth's success, including a return to the Premier League, where the Cherries have spent six of the last eight seasons. 

For further information or tickets, please call 01202 726300.

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