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Djinn Cocktail Bar in Santa Barbara

Library Bar

In the simplest terms, djinn are genies. However, to reduce them down to a cartoon image would merely scratch the surface of their role in Moroccan lore. Djinn are mischievous spirits - not necessarily good, not necessarily bad. Some are confined to a bottle due to reprehensible acts, though the word’s similarity to a bottle of mischievous alcohol that causes one to commit reprehensible acts is merely a coincidence . . . or is it? Taste our one-of-a-kind cocktails and learn for yourself what happens next at this Santa Barbara bar.

Djinn is accessible. For more information, please view our Accessibility Statement.

Monday - Saturday: 4:00PM — Close
Sunday: 11:00AM — Close

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Cocktails With A

Moroccan Twist

Located in the Hotel's Library.

The Hamar NaaNaa offers a sweetly refreshing cocktail with a ginger and mint finish, while the Desert Blood Moon combines blood orange, lime, and tequila.

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Every Full Moon at djinn

Feeling a little crazy? It's probably the full moon. Let your crazy out at HOWL every full moon night from 5pm until 11pm, with craft cocktails, a down-tempo DJ, classic board games, and Tarot card reader. 

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